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Your innovation, our inspiration

Arkawa Growth Partners are a multi-disciplinary team of dedicated professionals who help technology companies find new markets, new applications, and new audiences for their products.


Our unique repertoire of skills includes marketing, sales, finance, technology, psychology, engineering, logistics, analytics, big data, business intelligence, strategy, design, and UI/UX, all of which combine to deliver big results for you and your tech product or service.


Our strength is our diversity. Our combined skillsets are dedicated to finding new opportunities for you. Work with us and discover your path to global success.

Our  Work    


Working as a team, we open up avenues to growth that you may never have considered. We are well-known for discovering new markets and applications for technology solutions, becoming part of your team to deliver what your brand needs most.

Some of the areas in which we are most effective include:

  • Market Building
  • Financing
  • Outsourcing


Market Building


We have a reliable international network of sales channels in several focus areas. Because we have a well-established reputation in key markets, it enables rapid adoption and encourages valuable feedback from our trusted partners on the global stage.




We have the connections and resources to fund early-stage investments. We also partner with highly reputable venture capital firms to enable your later-stage funding requirements.




Staying competitive in such an unpredictable market is the key to a successful future. To optimize your innovation and its value in the market, we leverage deep connections and expertise in production processes to deliver value back to the bottom line.

Focus  Areas    


We work with companies and innovators who are marketing products tailored to a range of industries, including:


  • Healthcare
  • Financial technology
  • Information technology
  • Nanotechnology
  • Software
  • Agriculture and food production
  • Environmental technology
  • Lifestyle products
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